SC – single crochet

İNC – addition

DEC – decrease

SL-ST – connecting hinge / slip hinge


We will use the technique of cross stitching on a knitted fabric.


My preference when creating a doll:

• For the body – kartopu sakura – flesh-colored (К218) or (К1209);

• For clothes – Gazzal baby cotton (3442, 3449) or threads of your choice.

• Hook 2mm,

• Wire for frame Ø2.5 mm,

• Filler,

• Needle for stitching with strong floss (you can floss),

• Plastic for insoles,

• Needles and thread for embroidery in the desired color.

HANDS (2pcs)

We start with 2CH, or with an amigurumi ring


2.6İNC = 12

3. (3SC, İNC) * 3 = 15

4-6. 1sc in each loop = 15 (3 rows)

7. (1SC, 1DEC) * 5 = 10

8-34. 1sc in each loop = 10 (27 rows)

Finish. Place wire in hand, do not fill.

LEGS (2pcs)

1. Cast on a chain of 7CH, starting with 2 loops from the hook

2.5SC, İNC, 5SC = 12

3-6. 1sc in each loop = 15 (4 rows).

We begin to knit the heel in rotary rows.

Skip 1 stitch

7.8SC, turn

8.7SC, turn

9.6SC, turn

10.5SC, turn

11.4SC, turn

12.3SC, turn

13.2SC, turn

14. Knit in a circle around the ankle, heel, ankle, you should get 25SC.

9SC (side), 6SC (front), 9SC (side),

1SC (on the heels).

15.8SC, 1DEC, 5SC, 1DEC, 8SC = 23

16.6SC, 1DEC, 2SC, 1DEC, 1SC, 1DEC, 6SC, 1DEC = 19

17.5SC, 1DEC, 2SC, 1DEC, 1SC, 1DEC, 3SC, 1DEC = 15

18.1DEC, 5SC, 1DEC, 6SC = 13

We insert the wire into the leg and fill it tightly.

19-24. 1sc in each loop = 13 (6 rows)

25.1SC, 1İNC, 11SC = 14


27.2SC, 1İNC, 11SC = 14


29.3SC, 1İNC, 11SC = 15

30.16 SC

31.4SC, 1İNC, 11SC = 16

32-34. 17SC = 17 (3Rows)

35.4SC, 1DEC, 11SC = 16

36.3SC, 1DEC, 11SC = 15

37.3SC, 1DEC, 10SC = 14

38.3SC, 1DEC, 9SC = 13

Fill your legs tightly.

39.9SC, 4İNC = 17 (Knee)

40.17 SC

41.4SC, 1İNC, 4SC, 4DEC = 14


43.5SC, 1İNC, 8SC = 16


45.5SC, 1İNC, 9SC = 16


47.6SC, 1İNC, 9SC = 17


49.7SC, 1İNC, 9SC = 18


51.8SC, 1İNC, 9SC = 19

52.19 SC

53.9SC, 1İNC, 9SC = 20


55.20SC Finish, and cut off the thread at 1 leg. Fill your leg tightly.

We knit the second leg in the same way, we do not cut the thread, but continue to knit the body.

Connect 2 legs by knitting 2CH from the middle of the inner part of the second leg and securing in the middle of the inner part of the first leg.

56.20SC (first leg), 2SC (chain), 20SC (second leg), 2SC (chain) = 44



2.16SC, 11İNC (Back), 17SC = 55

3-6. 55SC = 55 (4Rows)

7.17SC, 1DEC, 17SC, 1DEC, 17SC = 53

8.16SC, 2DEC, 13SC, 2DEC, 16SC = 53


10.10SC, 1DEC, 5SC, 1DEC, 8SC, 1DEC, 5SC, 1DEC, 12 SC = 45

11. 16SC, 6DEC, 17SC = 39 (decrease should be on the back).

12.13SC, 1DEC, 9SC, 1DEC, 13SC = 37

13-14. = 37 SC (2 rows)

15.13SC, 1İNC, 8SC, 1İNC, 14SC = 39

16.14SC, 1İNC, 9SC, 1İNC, 14SC = 41

17.13SC, 1İNC, 12SC, 1İNC, 14SC = 43

18. Go to the color of the blouse. Here you can leave a long thread at the beginning in order to further knit 2 rows for a blouse.

PSP: 12SC, 1İNC, 16SC, 1İNC, 13SC = 45

19. ЗSL-ST: (10SC, 1İNC) * 4, 1İNC = 48

20-30. 48SC (11 rows).

Note: knit 2 rows SC, along the half-loop left in row 19, this will be the edge of the blouse.

Note: after reducing in the waist area, tighten in 2 threads to get the buttocks.

Let’s put on our doll right away.


(4pcs, 2 for each shoe)

1. Cast a chain of 10CH, with 3 CH from the hook:

2.INC, 6SC, 5SC in 1 loop, 6SC, İNC = 21

3.2İNC, 6SC, (İNC from HDC) * 5, 6SC, 2İNC = 30

4.9SC, (1HDC, 1İNC from HDC) * 5, 11SC. = (35) SL-ST

Tie 2 pcs. Attach the insole to the plastic and circle it, decreasing it by 1-2 mm.

Cut out the insole. Fold the 2 insoles with the wrong side to each other, laying the insole in the middle. And knit in a circle by connecting 2 insoles to each other 35SC.


1.ZSL-ST: 35SC main color

2. Change the thread to a contrasting thread, ЗSL-ST: 35SC

3. Change to the main color: 35SC

4.15SC, 2DEC, 16SC = 33

5. 10SC, 6DEC, 11SC = 27. finish, cut the thread and hide.

6. Fasten the thread in a contrasting color in the middle of the side outer part of the shoe and knit 14SC (should reach the middle of the inner part of the shoe. Next, knit a chain of 14CH and SL-ST into the base 1CH.

Sew on a button. We knit the second shoe in the same way, but at the end we fix the thread on the opposite side, do not tie 2 shoes on the same leg.

Now we put shoes on our doll.

We continue to knit the body, changing the thread to flesh color:

31.3SL-ST: 14SC, 1DEC, 19SC, 1DEC, 11SC = 46

We attach our hands to the body, do not forget to fill as you knit, connect the wire together and wrap it with a plaster, it should pass in the middle of the neck:

32.14SC, (1SC (arm + body), 23SC, (1SC (arm + body), 7SC = 46

33.6SC, 1DEC, 5SC, 1DEC, 3SC, 1DEC, 2SC, 1DEC, 6SC, 1DEC, 5SC, 1DEC, 6SC, 1DEC, 3SC, 1DEC, 2SC, 1DEC, 4SC, 1DEC = 52

34.5SC, 1DEC, 5SC, 1DEC, 1SC, 1DEC, 1SC, 1DEC, 4SC, 1DEC, 3SC, 1DEC, 3SC, 1DEC, 3SC, 1DEC, 1SC, 1DEC, 1SC, 1DEC, 3SC, 1DEC = 41

35. (3SC, 1DEC) * 8, 1SC = 33

36. (2SC, 1DEC) * 7, 1SC, 2DEC = 24

37.12DEC = 12

38-42. 12 SC = 12 (5 rows) This will be the neck. Leave a long thread to sew the head to the body.

Blouse Lace Go back to row 31 and secure the thread in the middle of the back while turning the doll upside down.

1. (1SC, 3CH 1 stitch, skip 1SC) knit until you reach the armpits, knit 8CH (shoulder strap), skip 4 stitches and attach the chain in the next stitch, continue knitting (1SC, 3CH 1 stitch, skip 1SC), until the next hand and repeat the process … Finish the row with SL-ST.

2. 3CH, 1DC per loop and chain.


1.6SC into magic ring or 2CH.

2.6 İNC = 12

3. (1SC, 1İNC) * 6 = 18

4. (2SC, 1İNC) * 6 = 24

5. (3SC, 1İNC) * 6 = 30

6. (4SC, 1İNC) * 6 = 36

7. (5SC, 1İNC) * 6 = 42

8. (6SC, 1İNC) * 6 = 48

9. (7SC, 1İNC) * 6 = 54

10-23. 54SC = 54 (14 rows)

24. (7SC, 1DEC) * 6 = 48

25. (6SC, 1DEC) * 6 = 42

26. (5SC, 1DEC) * 6 = 36

27. (4SC, 1DEC) * 6 = 30

28. (3SC, 1DEC) * 6 = 24

29. (2SC, 1DEC) * 6 = 18

30. (1SC, 1DEC) * 6 = 12

Fill your head tightly.


1. The lower part of the eye should go along the 9th row

2. Eye length 7 stitches

3. Eye width 5 stitches

4. Distance between eyes 4 stitches

5. We embroider the eyebrows three rows higher from the eyes.

6. We embroider the nose 1 row lower, in the middle between the eyes

7. The mouth is 3 rows below the nose.

8. Secure your hair


1. 31CH, connect in a ring SL-ST (measure around the waist, add or subtract loops if necessary), knit in connecting rows, at the beginning of CH, at the end of SL-ST.

2.1CH, 30SC, SL-ST.

3.1CH, 30SC, SL-ST.

4.30NC = 60

5-6. 60SC = 60 (2 rows)

7. (2SC, 1İNC) to the end of the row

8-18. 1sc in each loop. (11 rows)

19. Tie the skirt with a crustacean step.


Fasten the thread in the upper front of the skirt, knit in rotary rows:

1.17SC, 1CH turn

2-11. 17SC, 1CH turn (10 rows)

12.wrap with a crustacean step


Fasten the thread in the middle of the back of the skirt and cast on a chain from 70CH, fasten in the same loop from where you started to knit the chain. Knit SL-ST to the next stitch and repeat the process. Close, cut and hide the thread.

Along the edge (stepping back 1 row), sew the bottom of the skirt and the upper part of the sundress with a decorative seam with a contrasting thread. Sew on 2 buttons and put on the doll.


1. We collect 17CH, we begin to knit with 2 CH from the hook:

2.INC, 14SC, 4SC in 1 loop, 14SC, İNC

3.2İNC, 14SC, 4İNC, 14SC, 2İNC

4. (1SC, 1İNC) * 2, 14SC, (1SC, 1İNC) * 4, 14SC, (1SC, 1İNC) * 2

5. ЗSL-ST, 52SC. Moving on to the top.

6-18. 52 SC. (13 rows).

Tie the top and bottom of the bag with a contrasting thread with a crustacean step.

To tie the handles, fasten the thread to the 5th row and knit SL-ST grabbing the loops between the rows straight up, 18CH skip 9 stitches and attach

chain to the next stitch, repeat the SL-ST process only now from top to bottom.

Tie the second handle in the same way.

Embroider the pattern in the middle of the square. (see photo)

YOUR DOLL IS READY! Amigurumi Beautiful Doll Free


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