sc: single crochet

INC: increase (2 sc in same hole)

Dec: decrease (sink two holes and exit at once)

HDC: half double crochet

DC: double crochet

BLO: Knit from the back loop

FLO: knitting from front loop

sl-st: slip stitch

Ch: Chain

W: increase 1sc in 3 sc

M: decrease sc in 3 sc

INCHDC: 2 HDCs to the same location,


1. Magic ring into 6sc

2. (inc)*6sc = 12sc

3. (sc, inc)*6 = 18sc

4. (2sc, inc)*6 = 24sc

5. (3sc, inc)*6 = 30sc

6. (4sc, inc)*6 = 36sc

7. (5sc, inc)*6 = 42sc

8. (6sc, inc)*6 = 48sc

9. (7sc, inc)*6 = 54sc

10-17. 54sc

18. change color 54sc

19. (7sc, dec)*6 = 48sc

20. color changed (7sc, dec)*6 = 48sc

21. change color 48sc

22. (6sc ,dec)*6 = 42sc

23-24. 42sc

25. (5sc, dec)*6 = 36sc

26-28. 36sc

Note: 2 rows of the same color 1 row of colors (proceed in this way until the skin color is gone

29. (4sc ,dec)*6 =30sc

30-32. 30sc

33. (8sc ,dec)*3 = 27sc

34. 27sc

35. (7sc ,dec)*3 = 24sc

36. 24sc

Making 245 sc blos to switch to skin color 37

38. (2sc ,dec)*6 = 18sc

39-41. finish 18sc

Note: Make 24sc in the place where the blo is made, make 3 tr in each stitch, make sc in each stitch of the last row with yarn and finish


1) Magic ring into 6sc

2) 6inc =12sc

3) (sc,inc) =18sc

4) (2sc, inc) =24sc

5) (3sc, ,inc) =30sc

6) BLO until the end of the row 30sc

7-11) 30sc

12) Make 3 chain pull tr Then make 2 tr each Make one single handrail Combine with SL-ST

13) Pull 3 chains, make 2 triple tabs in each loop, finish SL-ST

(knit a flower on it and sew)


1. Magic ring into 6sc

2. 6inc =12sc

3. (sc ,inc) =18sc

4-7. finish 18sc

Flower of the Hat

1. Yellow with Magic ring into 6sc

2. each sc e 10 ch with red

3. sc into the chains

Note: Or double bat into each sc in up to 3 rows as desired.

3sc in 4 rows, inc

4sc inc in 4 rows


1. pull 8 chains, start from 2nd 6sc, last chain from w chain to other side 5sc, inc 16sc

2. inc, 5sc,( inc)* 3 , 5sc, (inc)*2 = 22sc

3. inc, 9sc, inc, 11sc =24sc

4-7) 24sc

8. dec, 10sc, dec, 10sc =22sc

9. 22sc

10. dec, 8sc, dec, 8sc, =19sc

11. 8sc, dec, 9sc = 18sc

12. 7sc, dec, 7sc, dec = 16sc

13. dec, 6sc, dec, 6sc = 14sc

14-40. 14sc

41.5 5sc, dec, 5sc, dec =12sc finish

Note: (Switch to the other color in the 14th row and knit 1 row as Blo) Bat a chain with the color you will use in the place where the blo is made, add hdc to the end of the row, make dc. pull two chains, in the other row make 2 dc in each sc (some can be made tr for more obvious curl) sc on the end of the row with another color and finish


1. Pull 36 chains and make a ring

2. 36sc

3. Blowing 36sc

4-16. 36sc

5. Knit the other leg like this

pants continuation 

Combine with the other piece by making 1 chain 2sc, make 36sc from the 1st leg and make 72sc from the 2nd leg

2-16. 72sc

17. (10sc, dec)*6 = 66sc

18. 66sc

19. 4sc, dec (9sc, dec) *5, 5sc =60sc finish

Note: For the hangers, attach a rope to the place you set on the back and pull 45 chains. Make dc in the 9th loop of the chain and continue like this until the end. Combine it with sl-st on the trousers. Do the same, leaving 13 sc on the other side. Attach the straps to the front of the trousers by crossing the button-up straps and attaching them to the previous buttons.

1. Pull 14 chains 3. Starting with chain And make 12 dc till the end

2. Pull 2 chains, turn 12 dc

3. Pull 2 chains, turn 12 dc

4. Make 12 sc in the last row and knit 2 pieces from it

5.other patch

6. Draw 17 chains, knit 3 chains, start and dc to the end

7. Pull 2 chains, turn, dc until the end of the row, do sc on the last row, until the end of the row and finish (will sew with black thread to the appropriate places on the trousers

Pants Ruffle

1st leg put the yarn on the table, pull the double chain pull each stitch to the end of the row dc 2 HDC make 2 chain pull loops make one dc two dc until the end of the row

feet and legs

1. 8 chain pull 2. chain from 6sc,w, 5sc, inc = 16sc

2nd inc, 5sc, 3inc, 5sc, 2inc =22

3. sc, inc 5sc, (sc, inc)*3.5sc (2sc,inc)*2 = 28sc

4. 2sc, inc 5sc, (2sc, inc)*3.5sc (2sc,inc)*2 = 28sc

5. 3sc, inc, 5sc, (3sc, inc)*3.5sc (3sc,inc)*2 = 36sc

6-14. 40sc (8 rows)

15. (18sc, dec) *2 =38

16. (17sc, dec) *2 =36

17. (16sc, dec) *2 =34

18. 7sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 7sc, dec, 6sc, dec =30sc

19. 30sc

20. (13 sc, dec) *2 =28sc

21-22. 28sc

23. 21sc turn 1 Chain

24. 1inc, 19sc, 1inc, 1 chain , turn

25-26) 23sc

27. Pull 23sc 7 chains and tie them to the opposite side

Back of the foot:

Knowing the anger that comes to the back after connecting the chain to the opposite side, do 11dec by sinking lr, make 7sc on the chain, then always end by decreasing

28. attach the floss back to the chain 7 sc on top of the chain 5 sc from the side 7sc from me 5 sc from the other side 24 sc

29-31. 24 sc 3 rows

32. FLO 24 sc


We will continue from the place where FLO is done on the 32nd row in the 1st leg.

changes color 12sc ,dec ,11sc =24sc

2. (4sc,dec)* 4 = 20 sc

3-4. change color 20sc (two rows)

In this way, both yellows change a color and come up to 38 rows and finish


1. Magic ring into 6sc

2. 6inc =12sc

3. (sc,inc) = 18sc

4. (2sc,inc) = 24sc,

5. (3sc,inc) = 30sc

6. (4sc,inc) = 36sc

7. (5sc,inc) = 42sc

8. (6sc,inc) = 48sc

9. (7sc,inc) = 54sc

10. (8sc,inc) =60sc

11. (9sc,inc) = 66sc

12-24. 66sc

25. (10sc,inc) =72sc

26. (11sc,inc) =78sc

27-31. 78sc

32. (9sc, dec) = 72sc

33. (10sc ,dec) = 66sc

34. (9sc, dec) = 60sc

35. (8sc, dec) = 54sc

36. (7sc, dec) = 48sc

37. (6sc, dec) = 42sc

38. (5sc, dec) = 36sc

39. (4sc, dec) = 30sc

40. (3sc, dec) = 24sc

41. (2sc, dec) = 18sc

finish it. leave thread for sewing eyes 20-21. plug between rows, leaving 9sc between them

Note: After filling the head a little, attach the eye to the white felt that we have shaped and cut, fill the head well, sew around the white rope to fix the felt, then sew around the felt with white thread to make it visible.


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