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Hello friends
First of all, I came out for my daughter on this road, I came across this beautiful recipe on social media platforms. yes, the recipe is for those who know a little advanced crochet.. but please do not give up, I think you can make it step by step by watching a friend or video owner who knows.. frankly, the video owner and his narration are through you. with thank you very much.
I’ve been thinking about making an amigurumi doll for my little girl for many years, but believe me, I didn’t dare.. that’s why a detailed video was needed. And we had an amigurumi naz doll with a crochet recipe… thank God my daughter was very happy and I think I succeeded..

you can do it too, please read the recipe in detail and try it.
stay with love

Materials and Abbreviations Used
1.2mm Crochet
2.Bead Fiber
3.Skin, White, Mustard(Hat), Brown, Tile Red (Dress)
4.Safety Eye 10mm or 12mm
6. Scissors
SH = magic ring
O (ZN) = Chain
V = Binary Increment
W = Triple Boost
E = Double Deduction
M = Triple Deduction
C (CC) = Loop shift
X (SC) = Sc
BLO = Knitting by sinking into the yarn behind the loop
FLO = Knitting by sinking into the yarn in front of the loop
T (HDC) = Single Handrail
F (DC) = Double Handrail
F (TR) = Triple Handrail
VHDC = 2 HDCs in/to Same Hole
VDC = 2 DC to same Hole/ground

Color Change

Head Making
1- 6x into Sh
2- 6v=12x
3- (1x1v)6 =18x 4- (2x1v)6 =24x
5- (3x1v)6 =30x 6- (4x1v)6 =36x
7- (5x1v)6 =42x 8- (6x1v)6 =48x
9- (7x1v)6 =54x 10- (8x1v)6 =60x
11- (9x1v)*6 =66x
66x (15 rows) including Rows 12 and 26

27- (9x1a)6 =60x 28- (8x1a)6 =54x
29- (7x1a)6 =48x 30- (6x1a)6 =42x
31- (5×1 a)6 =36x 32- (4x1a)6 =30x
33- (3x1a)6 =24x 34- (2x1a)6 =18x shift stitches, leave a long thread for sewing
Note: 10mm or 12mm locked eyes are attached with 12 stitches between the 19th and 20th rows.

Making the Back Hair (4 pieces)
Chain 60 60 chains from 2. Make 1 single crochet in each chain 59x again, 62 chains back from 2. From 2. Knit 59x…
Continue knitting in the same way, making a total of 10 loops.

Front Hair Making
Chain 16, shift 1 stitch from 2. Pull 13 chains from 2. 3 sc, 4 single handrails, 5 double handrails Skip 1 stitch

Join the chain with a stitch shift, pull 13 chains from 2. 3 sc, 4 single handrails, 5 double rails Skip 1 stitch
Combine with ye loop shift
Continue knitting in the same way so that you get a total of 6 bushels.Arm doing 1-6x on Sh
2-6v = 12x
3- (5x1v)2 =14x 4-5- Row =14x 6- (5x1a)2 =12x
12x (6 rows) including rows 7 and 11
12- (4x1a)*2= 10x
10x (14 rows) including rows 13 and 26
leaves a long thread for the double crochet stitch

foot manufacture
1- Chain 7 from 2 to 5x,w,4x,v
2-v, 4x,v,x,v,5x,v
3- x, v, 5x, v, 2x, v, 5x, v, x
4- 2x,v,5x,v,4x,v,5x,v,2x
5- Block 26x
6-7- Row 26x
8- 7x,a,4x,a,11x =24x
9- 7x,a,x,a,x,a,9x = 21x
10- 5x,a,2x,a, 10x =19x
11- 4x,a,x,a,x,a,7x =16x
12- Change Blo color =16x
13-29- Including 16x rows (17 rows)

Body (Transition)
1- Combine the 2nd part and the 1st part by pulling 3 chains and advance the loop =38x
2nd and 6th rows included = 38x (5 rows)
7- 3x,v,6x,v,11x,v,6x,v,8x =42x
8-11- Including rows =42x (4 rows)
12- (5×1 a)6 =36x 13- And 14th Rows =36x 15- (4×1 a)6 =30x
16th and 21st rows included = 30x (6 rows)
22- (3×1y)6 =24x 23- Row 24 =24x 25- (2x1y)6 =18x
26- (4×1a)*3 =15x
27-29- Including 15x rows (it will get in your head)

dress making
1- We pull 50 chains and change one loop, we draw 1 chain, we continue knitting by making frequent needles in the next loop = 50x
Note: When moving to the next row, we combine by changing the loops.
2- Pull 1 chain = 50x
3- We throw 2 chains, we make 2 double handrails in each round = 100 double handrails
4- Pull 2 chains = 100 pairs of handrails
100 pairs of railings, including rows 5 and 10

hanger manufacture
1- Pull 33 chains. Starting from the 3rd point, we continue to make double double handrails at each point.
2- Pull back 2 chains. From the 2nd row, we continue with 1 double handrail and a long rope for sewing in each round.

hat making
1- 6x on Sh
3- (1x1v)6 =18x 4- (2x1v)6 =24x
5- (3x1v)6 =30x 6- (4x1v)6 =36x
7- (5×1v)6 =42x 8- (6x1v)6 =48x
9- (7x1v)6 =54x 10- (8x1v)6 =60x
11- (9×1v)*6 =66x
12-18- Including rows = 66x (7 rows)
19- Until the end of the row (1x1v) =99x
20- Until the end of the row (2x1v) =122x
21- Knit the remaining loops until the end of the round (6x1v)
22-26- Straight (5 rows), knit the rows evenly without decreasing or increasing, change the loops and leave a long thread for sewing.

flower motif
1- Draw 36 chains from the 3rd to the 21st handrail, 21st handrail, 21st handrail, 2 chains to the next point from the 21st handrail jump, 2 chains to the next point from the 21st handrail, 21st handrail…. We repeat the same process until the end of the row, we make 21 handrails on the last remaining chain.
2- Pull back 1 chain on the handrail 21 in 2 chains 2 single needles in 5 chains continue until the end of the row leave a long thread to sew and fix it by giving a flower shape with your hand

shirt manufacture
1- Pull 27 chains. We continue to increase 1 sc from the 2nd round until the end 1=39x
2- Pull 1 chain and 2 turns. Make 1 single crochet from the 2nd loop into each loop =39x    3- 1 chain back, we knit 2.8x from the front loops, pull 5 chains, count from under the 9th stitch, combine by making frequent crochet, 9x, 5 chains, counting from the bottom, making frequent needles. ninth loop, 5x
4- Pull 1 chain and continue knitting 1 single needle in each round.
5- Pull 1 chain and go back 2 times. From the 2nd round to the end, it is continued by increasing 1 single needle.
6-12- We continue knitting by making frequent needles in each row, including the row (7 rows).                                                                                                                          12- At the end of the round, pull 7 chains for the buttonhole and combine them by making frequent needles in the same round.
Continue knitting, making frequent crochets in each loop, including rows 13 and 16 (4 rows).

front neck
While knitting from the front loops, we pass a new thread and take the front loops and continue to knit double needles in each row until the end of the row.

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