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Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers. Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Gilbert Doll Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;



• 4-thread cotton in colors: nude, beige, moorish brown, mink, brick, black,
winter white, lead
• Crochet 2.20 mm
• synthetic cotton padding
• 1 pair of protective eyes 6 mm
• dot marker
• Scissors
• 1 wooden button 1 cm.
• 1 plastic button 0.8 mm, it will not be visible, so the color does not matter


We knit in black
Rda 1: 7mp magic ring mount
Rd 2: 7aum for the wrong loop. /14 points
3rd row: knit with purl loop (1sc, 1cm) x7
Rda 4: (2mp, 1aum)x7. /28 points
Rda 5: (3mp, 1aum)x7. /35points
Rda 6: (4mp, 1aum)x7. /42 points
Rda 7: (5mp, 1aum)x7. /49pt
/21 points
• Do not cut the yarn over, now we will knit the next single crochet. dot
• We will knit around the edge of the front loop glare on the forehead
Chain of 15, (sc inc, 1sc) x3 counting from the second chain
from double crochet, then knit 8sc and single crochet into the next base loop, repeat
instructions 8 more times, we will have 9 wicks.

Next 2 wicks
Chain of 12, (1sc, 1inc) x2, 7sc, skip st and slip st
repeat in the next paragraph
Next 18 wicks
14 air loops, (1sc, 1inc) x2, 9sc, skip the loop and knit
the next loop, repeat 17 more times, then close with the front stitch and cut the thread.
Now we will weave wicks that start from the top, we fix the strand in the first
front loop in stock and ch 22, (1 inc, 1 sc) x2 from the second ch,
17sc, slip the loop from the sc into the next loop until two rows of the front loop are over.
Cut the thread and hide with a needle.







Knit in nude color
Rda 1: mount 7mp into a magic ring, close the ring. /7 points
Rda 2: 7um / 14 points
Rda 3: (1mp, 1aum)x7. /21 points
Rda 4: (2mp, 1aum)x7. /28 points
Rda 5: (3mp, 1aum)x7. /35points
Rda 6: 2 MP 1″ (4 MP 1″) x6 2 MP. /42 points
Rda 7: (5mp, 1aum)x7. /49 points
Rda 8: 49 points
9 row: 3sc, 1sc, (6sc, 1sc) x6, 3sc. /56pst
Rda 10 to 23: keep weaving 56mp
• Between rows 16 and 17, insert 5 mm safety eyes with a distance of 9 sc between them.
Rd 24: 3mp, 1 dec, (6mp, 1pk)x6, 3mp. /49pst
Rda 25: keep weaving 49mp
Rd 26: (5 mp, 1sc) x7. /42 points
Rd 27: 2mp, 1 dec, (4mp, 1mp)x6, 2mp. /35points
• Fill
Rd 28: (3mp, 1sc) x7. /28 points
Rd 29. (2mp, 1sc) x7. /21 points
• finish filling
• Close with a slip stitch and leave a long tail to connect to the neck later.







We knit in flesh color and winter white.
Rda 1: use nude color to mount 7mp into a magic ring, close the ring. /7 points
Rda 2: 7aum. /14 points
Rda 3: (1mp, 1aum)x7. /21 points
Rda 4 to 15: keep weaving 21mp
Rda 16: (2mp, 1aum)x7. /28 points
Rda 17: (3mp, 1aum)x7. /35points
18th row: change to white inv, knit a circle with front stitch through the wrong loop, and then
again through the back loop of this weave 6sc, 1 inc, 2sc, 1 inc, 6sc, 1cm, 6sc, 1
inc, 2mp, 1inc, 8mp. /40points
19th row: 7sc, 1sc, 2sc, 1sc, 16sc, 1sc, 2sc, 1sc, 9sc. /44 points
Rd 20: 8sc, 1sc, 2sc, 1sc, 18sc, 1sc, 2sc, 1sc, 10m. /48 points
• fill the neck
From 21st to 43rd row: continue to knit 48 mp.
• fill the body
Rd 44: (6mp, 1sc) x6. /42 points
Rd 45: (5mp, 1dc) x6. /36 points
Rd 46: (4mp, 1sc) x6. /30points
Rd 47: (3mp, 1sc) x6. /24 points
Rd 48: (2mp, 1sc) x6. /18points
• Finish stuffing the body
Rd 49: (1mp, 1dc)x6. /12points
RD 50: 6 dec. /6 points
• Cut the thread and close with a needle, hide the thread.







We will weave it with white color
at 19 st, persons 2ch








Knit 4 Moorish brown
rd 1: ch 8 and connect to the second ch from the hook 6mp, inc 3mp,
6 sc, inc 3 sc. /18points
Row 2: 6sc, 3sc inc, 6sc, 3sc inc / 24 points
Row 3: 5sc, (1sc, 1in) x3, 6sc, (1sc, 1in) x3, 1sc. /30points
Rda 4: 5mp, (2mp, 1inc)x3, 6mp, (2mp, 1inc)x3, 1mp. /36 points
Row 5: 6sc, (1sc, 1in) x2, 3sc, (1sc, 1in) x2, 7sc, (1sc, 1in) x2, 3sc, (1sc, 1in)
x2, 1mp. /44 points
Rd 6: 5mp, (3mp, 1inc)x2, 2mp, 1inc, 3mp, 1inc, 7mp, (3mp, 1inc)x2, 2mp, 1inc,
3mp, 1aum, 2mp. /52 points
Rda 7: keep spinning 52mp.
• Cut the thread, make an invisible fastener with a needle and hide the thread
• At point 42, leave a point marker, this will help a lot in the next


We change the color to brick to connect the soles and then weave the shoes.
• It is necessary to cut 2 templates from mica or cardboard according to the shape of the sole.
To connect the soles, we take two in one direction (one face outward, the other
the part that will be visible, the template that will give it hardness, and another sole also in the direction
outside), that is, the latter will remain in the direction of the inside of the boot (see fig. photo to help you understand the situation).
• The beginning of the chains of each sole is also in the same direction, both
start closer to the heel
We start with the wrong side towards ourselves, remove the loop markers and fasten the yarn over.
in this case, we take only the purl loop of the inner and the front loop of the outer weave
low scores throughout the round.
• Cut the thread and make an invisible fastener with a needle.
1 row: in brick color and according to the same meaning of the previous row, we knit 52sc.
I take only the reverse loop (this row is half out.,
exclusive row), close with front stitch in the first purl loop, change
fabric feeling, now we will knit wrong side out.
2 row: 52 sb for the wrong loop. /52 points
Rda from 3 to 5: continue to weave 52 mp. /52 points
Rd 6: 17mp, 10dsm mv, 15mp. /42 points
Rda 7: 42mp. /42 points
Rd 8: 2mp, 1tm mp, 12mp, 1tm mv, 4tm var, 1tm mv, 10mp, 1tmp
mp, 2mp. /34 points
Rda 9: 36mp. /34 points
Rda 10: 15mp, 3mv dec, 13mp. /31 points
Rows 11 and 12: Continue to knit 33 sc, cut and close with invisible knitting needles / 31 tbsp.
• Leave a stitch marker at point 13.
13 row: tie a winter white color and knit 2 mp through the purl loop, 1 st sc, 5 mp,
7dsm mv, 4mp, 1dsm mp, 2mp. /22 points
• fill shoes
Rda from 14 to 40: keep weaving 22 mp
41 row: 11sc without nakida. /11 points
• fill the leg
Rd 42: 1 mp, 5sc mp. /6 points
• Cut off and close with a needle, leaving a long end for attachment.


Row 13: Fasten brick color at point 13 through the front loop) where we left the marker,
knit 8sc, turn
Row 14-16: continue to knit 8 mp, cut the thread and close with a needle.
outer part of the shoe
Row 1: In brick color 32 ch (leaving the initial loop long because we will use it later).
to connect the shoes), knit 30 sc from the 3rd ch. off the hook, turn the canvas
Row 2 to 11: ch 1 in height, 30 mp, turn.
• Knit a row in stockinette stitch through the front loop, cut the thread and hide with a needle.
• Sew the outer part of the boot to the shoe stitch by stitch to the free front loop
in the 1st row, the loop must be centered, the thread cut and hidden
We make two Mauritanian brown cords with 12 ch and 2 with 15 ch, as shown in the figure.
A photo.







We knit two nude and winter white
Round 1: Cast on 3 air loops in flesh color and knit with the second with a crochet.
1sp, 3sp inc, 1sp, 3sp inc. /8points
2nd row: 1sc, 3sc, 1sc, 3sc. /14 points
Rd 3: 3mp, 2inc, 5mp, 2inc, 2mp. /18points
Rd 4: 5mp, 1inc, 8mp, 1inc, 3mp. /20points
Rda 5 and 6: keep weaving 20 mp
Rd 7: 5mp, 1 popcorn 4mv, 14mp. /20points
Rd 8: 5mp, 1dc, 8mp, 1dc, 3mp. /18points
9 row: continue to knit 18 tbsp.
Rd 10: 4mp, 1dc, 7mp, 1dc, 3mp. /16points
Rda 11 to 16: keep weaving 16 mp
• Finish off with stockinette stitch and cut the thread


We knit two winter white
1 row: ch 24, without height, we knit a sc circle, closing it in the form of a ring
Rda 2: keep weaving 24MP
3 row: knit through the wrong loop (1mp, 1dc) x8. /16points
Rd 4: insert your hand inside the sleeve and connect in this row by knitting 16 mp, taking the purl
stitch of a full sleeve and front loop of the hand (in one hand we will knit a loop
slipped hand clasp from the point where we took the sleeve, on the other hand
hand we will do it with the opposite end so we will create that they stay in
inner joins by Gilbert join)
Rda 5 to 16: continue to weave 16mp. Fill arm to sleeve height
Row 17: 6mp, 1dc, 6mp, 1dc. /14 points. Finish off with stockinette stitch and leave a long yarn over.


Sleeve edge
Fasten winter white in the first front stitch of the 4th round of the stitch after
the fabric is the same as in the photo, we knit 16sc and a circle with front stitch.
reverse loop.
• Close with a needle and hide the thread


in beige
63 chains
Row 1: Ch 1 in height and 62 sc from the second ch from the yarn over, turn
Row 2: Ch 1, 62 single crochets in front st.
Row 3: Ch 1, 7 sc in front st, ch 7, skip 2 sts, 20 sc through knit.
front loop, 7 ch, skip two loops, 21 st sc through the front loop, 7 ch, skip two loops,
8 bottom points for the front.

• Now we knit two facial loops on the side, as shown in the photo and
we will start weaving in the opposite direction, now moving towards the feet
(while here we knitted the waist up)
Row 1-12: ch 1 in height, 62 mp, turn
Row 13: 1 ch in height, 59sc, overlap the next three half-columns
flaps, a flap in which we knit low, another flap at the top
• Now we will knit in a circle, continuing in the same direction, without increasing the height.
14-17 row: knit 59 mp.
Rd 18: 58 mp, in the next stitch sc (from now on this stitch is not
Let’s go count, this will become one of the points of separation of the legs)


Leg separation
Chain 2, skip 29 stitches and work in stockinette stitch as shown in photo.
They will form two spaces, in which we will weave each leg, each with 29 sc, but
taking into account two dividing loops, each leg will have 31 sc.
Stage A
from 1 to 17 row: knit 31mp
18th row: Knit in stockinette stitch through a purl stitch, ch 2, 30m. /31 points
Rd 19: 31 bottom points for the back loop
• Cut the thread and close with a needle, hiding the thread
Stage B
Rda 1: fasten the beige thread at the back of the trousers, just before where
finish the chain separating the legs (look at the photo) and knit 31sc
18th row: Knit in stockinette stitch through a purl stitch, ch 2, 30m. /31 points
19th row: 31 sc for purl.
• Cut the thread and close with a needle, hiding the thread.


Knit in brown moro
42 chain stitch, leave stitch marker at point 12, starting from the fourth point.
from a double crochet knit 27mv, 30 ch, from the fourth loop from a double crochet
27mv, then we knit 12mv in the remaining free 12 loops. Cut the strand.


We knit in mink color. Before starting, you should know that we will call point X aa
following instruction:
Skip two loops, knit 1 double crochet, chain 1, double crochet in the first skipped loop, see photo.
Row 1: Ch 30, and knit with the fifth ch from 2ch with a crochet, (X ch, 3ch)
x4. Rotate /27pts
Row 2: ch 1 in height, 26 mp, turn. /27points
Row 3: ch 3, ch 2, (st x, ch 3) x2. Turn. /15 points
Row 4: ch 1 in height, 14 ch. Turn. /15 points
• Repeat 2 times rows 3 and 4 with a gap

Row 9: ch 3, ch 2, (X sc, ch 3) x2, ch 12, turn. /27points
Row 10: Ch 1 in height, 26sc, turn. /27points
Row 11: ch 3, ch 2, (Xst, ch 3) x4, turn. /27points
• Repeat rows 10 and 11 four more times at intervals.
Row 20: ch 1 in height, 26sc, turn. /27points
Row 21: ch 3, ch 2, (X st, ch 3) x2, turn. /15 points
Row 22: ch 1 in height, 14sc, turn. /15 points
• repeat rows 21 and 22 two more times with an interval
Row 27: Ch 3 in height, 2 ch (X stitch, 3 ch) x2, ch 12, turn. /27points
Row 28: ch 1 in height, 26sc, turn. /27points
Row 29: Ch 3 in height, 2 var, (st. X, 3 var) x 4, do not cut yarn over. /27points


Edge of the jacket
We start knitting 2 more sc in the same loop along the edge of the neckline, 2 sc, now we knit
on the back valve (this is how we form the valve connection) 1 sbn in each row
from m.p. or double crochet, indistinct. We will have 10mp.
Now we join the next patch having 3mp on top, weave 3mp
The front edge of the left valve: we knit 25 sbn, 3 sbn in the last loop.
Lower edge of the jacket: We will knit 1 sc in each row of sc, and 2 sc in each row
from mv, we will have 44 mp, weave 3 mp in the corner.
The front edge of the right flap: We knit 25 sbn, when we reach the corner we cut the thread and
make an invisible closure with a needle.


We weave it in brown
Rda 1: mount 7mp in the magic ring, close the ring. /7 points
Rda 2: 7aum. /14 points
Rda 3: (1mp, 1aum)x7. /21 points
Rda 4: (2mp, 1 inc) x7. /28 points
Rda 5: (3mp, 1aum)x7. /35points
Rda 6: (4mp, 1aum)x7. /42 points
Rda 7: (5mp, 1aum)x7. /49 points
Rda 8: (6mp, 1aum)x7. /56points
Rda 9: (7mp, 1aum) x7. /63 points
Rda 10 to 15: 9 MP, extended 45 MP, 9 MP. /63 points
16 row: continue to knit 63 sc for the back loop.
• cut the thread


Row 1: Fasten brown Mauritanian thread at point 21 and knit 1 dec, 23 mp, 1 dec through the wrong loop,
turn. /25 points
Row 2: do not add in height, 22sc, 1 dec, turn. /23 points
Row 3: no height, 20sc, 1sc, turn. /21 points
Row 4: do not add height 18sc, 1 dec, turn. /19 points
Row 5: do not add height, 16 mp, 1 dec / 17 stitches. Close with a satin stitch and cut the thread.
Fasten the Mauritanian brown thread in the place where we previously cut it and weave
a row of low loops through the wrong loop along the entire contour of the beret, on the sides
With the wrong side we will knit 4 columns without a crochet. At the end, cut the thread and hide with a needle.


Coated Button:
Rda 1: With 7mp moorish brown binding in magic ring
Rda 2: 7aum. /14 points
Rda 3: keep weaving 14MP
• insert a button as shown in the photo, passing the initial strand through one of
4th row: 7 sc dec. /7 points Close with satin stitch and sew with both threads.
takes center.


We weave it in lead color
Row 1: Ch 80 and dial 79 single crochets on them from the second ch from
crochet, turn
Row 2: Ch 1, 79 sc in front st, turn
Row 3: Ch 1, sc 79 through purl, turn.
Rows 4-7: Repeat rows 2 and 3 at intervals.
Row 8: Ch 1, 79 single crochets for the front loop.
When we get to the end, we hook 8 and the sliding anchor point, repeat 4 more times until
have 5 loops in distributed order on the side.
Work the row in stockinette stitch through the front stitch until you reach the other corner and repeat.
loop instruction. Cut the thread and hide with a needle



  1. Sew on the laces, each shoe should have a short lace on top and a lace
    long down.
  1. Sew the head to the neck stitch by stitch, leaving 4 neck circles visible.
  2. We sew hair to hair giving a characteristic hairstyle, the longest curls remain
    on the forehead, respecting the shape of these, do not squeeze them. Other hair
    we sew stretched leaving the end of each hair loose, we connect them forming two
    seam height as in the photo.

Sew hands to co.

  1. Insert the legs into the pants and fold the waist section outward as
    show me a photo.
  2. Position the pants and legs on the torso, giving the feet a slope
  3. Sew the legs to the sides between 36 and 37 rows.

8 outside, sewing with two threads on a bow
the other two ends are sewn on the front

  1. puts
  2. puts
  3. puts






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