Hello friends. today came to bring here on this website. this beautiful Cat in yarns; Crochet. all worked in Crochet Patterns yarns stitch. and a beautiful work for a decoration. or even give away. It is very Easy to start. just follow the graph below. It is very different from what we see out there this cat. beautiful. and here we have a cat in yarn Patterns Crochet. here on this website are always looking beautiful work. and bringing here to the friends always have the comfort to make the most beautiful works in yarn Crochet. along with the Graphs that accompanies the beautiful works in yarn store Crochet. let’s start now. to save to memory. or give a gift to a friend. this is a beautiful idea for a present in a commemorative date. or to expose somewhere to make a decoration. I did and gave it to my daughter. she loved. hahaha I hope serve you also friends. all this work was done with care in order to always improve your work patterns Crochet yarn Stitch. I hope all friends. Crochet Cat Patterns


MATERIALS (description in brackets indicate materials used in the photographed example) – Yarn (Patons cotton blend 8 ply in White) – one ball will suffice – Crochet hook in accordance with yarn you use (2.5 mm) – Fibrefill / toy stuffing – 4.5 mm plastic safety eyes – Black embroidery thread – Stitch markers, darning, embroidery needles – Ribbon – Cosmetic blusher and brush
List of materials Crochet I knitted a cat Amigurumi , in two threads. It took 2 skeins of yarn. The height of the cat is 23 cm. Only ears are sewn in, everything else is knitted during knitting) The kitten’s clothes are removable. It will be necessary to pull a little snout. Learn in a simple way in practice. Follow your measurements according to the Crochet Patterns chart.


I like very much to make Amigurumi Crochet of  PatternsCrochet. in these models we can make some styles like these basically simple form. seeing this graphic we can understand the ease of this amigurumi of Crochet. see friends the Step by step of this Crochet Pattern is very easy to do. As it is very Complet  this Amigurumi of crochet I do not know how to explain much. although we may know how to have the material closed for this Crochet work. we can choose the colors and sizes of this work. I could not get an English language for the Diagram Patterns. but the friends watching and observing can finish according to the Pattern Free.
Patterns Crochet Stitches used single crochet, increase, decrease, slip stitch, chain – The kitten is 4.5 inches / 11.5 cm long if If made with Patons cotton blend 8-ply cotton yarn and 2.5 mm crochet hook



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