Hello friends. Today I will share a cute doll amigurumi pattern. Although the crochet doll amigurumi has a small size, it has a lot of accessories. So I have to say that it is difficult to make. It is not a pattern I would recommend for a beginner. If you wish, you can look at other crocet doll patterns. As you know, I publish amigurumi patterns for free.

This pattern is written using US terminology and is worked in continuous rounds unless otherwise stated. I recommend you always mark the start of each round, using a stitch marker.
If made with the described materials, the doll will be about 12 cm / 4.7 inches tall, from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.
Designer: @faerie_stitches

DK Yarn (I used DROPS ♥ You #8 in beige, apricot (and old pink for embroidery) and DROPS Paris in white and forest green. One ball of each color should be enough.
Crochet hook (I used 3mm).
8mm safety eyes
Black embroidery thread
Embroidery/tapestry needle
Stitch markers
Sewing pins

AR – Amigurumi Magic ring
MR – Amigurumi Magic ring
App – application
ll – lift loop
sc : Single Crochet
inc : Increase
dec : Decrease
tr : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet
st: Stitch
dc : Double Crochet
hdc: Half Double Crochet
sl-st : Slip Stitch
ch : Chain
..in : make increase into same stitch as many as the number which is given in front of “inc” abbreviation (exp; 3inc, 4inc..).
FLO : Crochet into front loops only
BLO : Crochet into back loops only
BL : Bobble Stitch – do 5dc all in the same stitch and then yarn over and pull through all the loops on your hook (the original loop + 1 loop for each partially completed dc).
Quadtr= Quadruple treble crochet
trtr= Triple treble crochet
*note: 3-treble-bobble stitch
The bobble stitch is made by working several double or treble crochets in the same stitch, and finishing them together.
To make a 3-tr-bobble stitch, yarn over twice and insert the hook in the stitch. Yarn over and pull up a loop. Now you have four loops in your hook. Yarn over and pull through two loops on the hook, twice. In the same stitch, repeat these steps two more times. Now you have four loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all loops on hook.

Note about color changes
When the pattern indicates a color change, it’s important to remember that the yarn change starts one stitch earlier: in the stitch before the color change, insert hook, yarn over and pull loop through stitch using the old color; then yarn over in the new color and pull up a loop through both loops on hook. The yarn of the color you aren’t using is carried from behind.

Need help?
If you have any questions, suggestions, notice an error in the pattern or want to share a photo of your finished amigurumi, feel free to send me an email at faerie.stitches@gmail.com, or contact me through instagram at @faerie_stitches


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