This contains an image of: Hanging Kitchen Towels pattern by Reah Janise Kauffman


2 skeins of 1.8 oz (50 g) Friends Cotton 8/4

Faint Purple (66)

Knitting needle size 2.5 (3 mm)

Crochet hook size B/1-C/2 (2,5 mm)


Approx. 11 x 14.2 inches (28×36 cm)

Knitting gauge

26 stitches per 4 inches (10 cm)

38 rows per 4 inches (10 cm)

Pattern Information

The towel is knitted first.

Then you crochet the picot edge all the way around your work.

Picot edge

Chain 3, work 1 slip stitch in the first chain stitch, skip 1 stitch and work 1 sc.

Repeat from .


Knit ridge edges all the way around the towel. The pattern is worked after the chart below in which there is only whole “diamonds”.

Ridge edge

Cast on 75 stitches.

  1. row: move 1 stitch loosly off purlwise, work the rest of the knit stitch row. Repeat this row 4 more times.

Continue the pattern as shown in the chart and with the ridge edge around the sides.

  1. pattern row: move 1 stitch loosely off purlwise, work 3 knit stitches, work as shown in the chart by repeating the blue frame until you have 12 stitches left, work the last 8 stitches of the chart, work 4 knit stitches.

Note: Knit garter stitches on each side where the first stitch on the row is loosely taken off purlwise.

Work the 2nd and the 3rd pattern row.

Continue like this, but now repeat the red frame until your work measures approx. 13 inches (33 cm). Finish as the red frame shows.

Knit the last 4 rows of the chart as described in the beginning of the pattern except for the blue frame.

Ridge edge

Knit the ridge edge as you did in the beginning of the pattern.

Cast off, but do not fasten off. Use the last loop as a starting point for the picot edge.

Picot edge

Crochet the picot edge all the way around your work (the knitted towel). Weave in the ends.


Place a marker at the top of and in the middle of your towel. Crochet 1 slip stitch in the picot loop in front of the marker, work 20 chain stitches, work 1 slip stitch in the picot loop after the marker, so you create a strap. Weave in the ends. Happy knitting!


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