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Cheese and Vegetable For Breakfast


Peynirler, Poğaçalar, Çaylar! Sizi Unuttuk Sanmayın Diye Derlediğimiz 12  Kahvaltı Tarifi


2 eggs
1 glass of yoghurt
Half a tea glass of oil
1.5 glasses of flour
1 pack of baking powder
1 teaspoon of salt
Half a teaspoon of chili pepper (Not necessary)
1 glass of grated cheddar cheese (You can also use any other cheese you wish)
1 pinch of parsley
2 medium-sized green peppers
2 medium-sized red capsicums


Mix yoghurt, egg and oil in a bowl.
Add flour, salt, chili pepper and baking powder and mix again.
Chop the remaining ingredients finely, add them and mix again.
Pour a tablespoon of the prepared spoon into the pan, which we have greased with the help of a brush, and cook it over low heat, up and down.


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